Jab We Met

—Jab We Met—

I got down the train. And I glanced behind, at the ladies compartment (Something I always do, The explanation is plain and simple : Habit, Habits die hard!). I saw this pretty girl pass by me and walked just ahead me. It was a pretty strange feeling, like I knew her. Suddenly my mind registered, and whispered to me “she is DHWANI!!!”. Yesss, my dear, she is Dhwani! Ohh… wow! But shall I  approach or avoid? I am sure she has not noticed me. My heart skipped a beat, blood rushed into my head. Is it really her? What will I say? How should I call her? If she didn’t recognize me then? How will I explain myself? If she not Dhwani then? But I am sure, I am not wrong this time. I am damn sure this girl is Dhwani. Hmmm…I think, her height is same, same hair, same style, hmmm…uhhh… her silhouette is also almost same.

She increased her pace and distance between us increased. “Ohhh wait, where is she running! Euwhh… this crowd at ville-parle  station! Now where did my friend got lost! And she disappeared…

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I had Loved, Lost, but still Love…

I had Loved, Lost, but still Love…

It was class IV when I met her for the first time. It was coincidence. I was too mischievous. My class-teacher made me sit beside her. I started fighting with her from the very next moment. I didn’t like her at the first. She was biggest enemy of mine (only for those days). I did not loose any single chance to show her down. Time went on, and instead of being enemy, she had become good friend of mine. I don’t know how. I started enjoying her company, and later we came to know that our moms’ were childhood friends. This was one of the more reasons to come closer to her.

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